RVs & Campers

RVs & Campers

Tea Tree Power ® Smells Sweet in RVs and Campers

Take Tea Tree Power ® Gel or Spray on Your Camping Trips

Whether you are on a weekend trip or cross-country vacation, whenever you are on the road there is a proven and fast way to maintain cleaner interior air and surfaces in your RV.

The power of Tea Tree Power ® Gel and Tea Tree Power ® Spray have been formulated to complement one another to work in your RV or Camper wherever you want protection from airborne mold and mildew. Today, Tea Tree Power ® products are widely used in both gel and spray solutions.

Tea Tree Power ® Gel Makes Trips Anywhere More Enjoyable

• No chemicals used in manufacturing
• All natural
• Require no plugs, no wires, no bag opening
• Gel provides 24/7 protection
• Place in closets, storage areas, showers, main rooms, or kitchen
• Most effective when spaces can be enclosed by shutting doors and windows for several hours
• Great for use on camping gear and tents
• Infused with the antiseptic and antifungal properties of Tea Tree oil from Australia
• Use as directed. Not to be ingested

Tea Tree Power ® Gel Also Works While Your RV is in Storage:

While your RV is in storage, Tea Tree Power ® Gel removes airborne mold and mildew then prevents it from coming back.

As Tea Tree Power ® Spray settles after spraying, it also removes impurities from soiled carpets, curtains, furniture cushions, bedding and upholstery. That gives you easier clean-up, no wiping of chemicals, and your RV or camper always smells fresh and clean.