How to Use Tea Tree Power ®

Tea Tree Power ® Gel

• Open the jar’s lid and expose the lid’s air holes by removing the inner liner.
• Replace the lid, and place the gel container on any flat surface.
Tea Tree Power ®’s powerful vapors diffuse throughout rooms and semi-enclosed spaces.
• Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties eliminate unpleasant odors caused by mold, mildew, and bacteria.
• As Tea Tree Power ® evaporates its vapors provide continuous, natural and long-lasting odor control.
• The gel remains effective for 45-60 days after full evaporation.

Tea Tree Power ® Containers are Sized to Fit Every Space

• One 2 oz container of gel protects up to 200 sq. ft.
• One 4 oz container of gel protects 400 sq. ft.
• One 8 oz container of gel protects 800 sq. ft.
• One 16 oz container of gel protects 2000 sq. ft.

Tea Tree Power ® Spray

• Spray onto all surfaces to disinfect and protect air and surfaces.
Tea Tree Power ® Spray penetrates deeply into porous materials, including cushions, carpets and upholstery.