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Tea Tree Power ® Gel - Effectively Used in Cars & Trucks

Enjoy your driving experience by eliminating odors that are common in your car or truck. Take Tea Tree Power ® Gel & Spray on the road for cleaner interior air wherever you go.

Tea Tree Power ® Gel is Easy to Use and Always Travels Well

Tea Tree Power ® Gel quickly and effectively cleans the air while eliminating mold, mildew and odors in your car, truck cab, or SUV. Tea Tree Power ® Gel removes the accumulated unpleasant smells that inevitably occur in your motor vehicles.

These odors result from frequently taking man’s best friend in the car. If you keep your gym bag in the car, or deliver food with strong, distinctive odors, or sometimes leave an apple in the back seat too long, you are the perfect candidate to use Tea Tree Power ® Gel.

“I got into my car one morning and noticed an extremely foul odor. After scraping most of a dead rodent off the engine the carcass smell was still strong at the end of the day. That evening I put a jar of Tea Tree Power ® in a foot well and rolled up the windows. Next morning there was no odor at all! I’m sold. This stuff is great.”

Mike W. – California

Whatever might be causing a bad or musty vehicle odor, if you spend a lot of time in your car or use it for taking clients or customers to lunch, drive in a carpool, or want to impress a potential girlfriend, you want to make a good impression with an odor-free vehicle.

One Jar of Tea Tree Power ® Gel in Your Car or Truck Drives Odors Away

Tea Tree Power ® Gel quickly and effectively cleans the air while eliminating mold and mildew on your vehicle. Tea Tree Power ® Gel Effectively Neutralizes Odors & Impurities by:

• Keeping air fresh inside cars, trucks, SUVs, collector cars and more
• Removing car interior odors instead of just masking them
• Defusing vapors into the air to neutralize airborne odors and impurities
• Attacking and degrading mold and mildew
• Penetrating porous materials for long-lasting odor control

Tea Tree Power ® Gel – Exceptional, All Natural Odor Remover

• Easy to use – no mess, simply open the jar
• Most effective when windows are rolled up allowing vapors to accumulate
• No chemicals, all natural
• Natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties
• Ideal for storage of vintage cars, campers, trailers and trucks
• Auto dealers use to remove odors from pre-owned vehicles
• Effective against odors of cigarette and cigar smoke and damp carpet
• Use as directed. Not to be ingested

Tea Tree Power ® Spray Attacks Odors and Cleans Surfaces

• Freshens air quickly throughout the interior
• Cleans surfaces — dashboard and console
• Inhibits bacteria
• Multi-purpose for cleaner surfaces and air with just one spritz