What is Tea Tree Power ®

Tea Tree Power ® is an all-natural proprietary blend of pure Australian Tea Tree Oils.  Considered “essential oils”, Tea Tree Power ® diffuses these oils airborne through an evaporative release allowing the natural antiseptic and antifungal properties of the oils to interact and neutralize impurities such as molds, bacteria and some viruses.

How does Tea Tree Power ® work?

The surrounding air causes Tea Tree Power ® to evaporate and circulate the blend of Tea Tree Oils placing them in contact with common airborne impurities (molds, bacteria and some viruses) through a natural, microscopic attraction.  The oils in Tea Tree Power ® then proceed to naturally neutralize and eliminate the impurities and any associated odors.  As an added bonus using Tea Tree Power ® will actually create a cycle of protection against these impurities from returning or accumulating for upwards of 60 days for each container used. 

How do I use Tea Tree Power ® ?

Simply open the lid, remove the inner liner, replace the lid and set on a flat surface. The Gel evaporates to work fast and efficiently.

How Should I Place the Containers?

Containers of Tea Tree Power ® can literally be placed anywhere on a flat surface.  Wherever cleaner, odor-free air is needed. 

How Long Is Tea Tree Power ® Effective?

The effectiveness of Tea Tree Power ® Gel will be dependant on several factors:  Placement, degree of impurities in the air, humidity levels and actual air movement.  The more air moving around or the greater the humidity the faster it may evaporate.  The stronger the odor and higher the mold or bacteria issue the faster it may evaporate as well.  Tea Tree Oil has a natural attraction to impurities and through its biology will find those impurities and want to eliminate them.  The more you have, the more will be needed to work.  Under normal factors Tea Tree Power ® Gel will fully evaporate from 45-60 days and could have a residual effect upwards of an additional 30-45 days. 

Will Tea Tree Power® Gel Provide a Lingering Scent?

Natural, pure and clean air should not smell like anything.  And that is typically what you will get when Tea Tree Power ® Gel is at work.  There are no artificial fragrances or additives.  Tea Tree Power ® does not cover up odors, but instead eliminates the cause of them.  Upon opening a fresh jar you may smell the strength of the Tea Tree Oils, however once they go to work you will smell nothing but true, clean, natural air. 

What sizes are available?

Tea Tree Power ® is packaged in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 22oz refill pouches.  Our Tea Tree Power ® Spray is available in 8oz pump containers.