Tea Tree Power ® Facts

Did You Know…?

• The Tea Tree plant got its name more than 200 years ago when British explorer Captain James Cook noticed indigenous Australians making a drink from the plant’s leaves. Captain Cook drank a tea-like infusion made from the leaves, liked it, and started calling the plant a “Tea Tree”. The name stuck.

• The hot Tea Tree drink was also used aboard Captain Cook’s ship, the HMB Endeavour, to prevent scurvy (though there is no modern evidence that it has any effect on scurvy, which is caused by Vitamin C deficiency).

• Sailors also used it to brew beer.

• Pure Tea Tree oil has remarkable antiseptic properties. Australian soldiers during World War II treated wounds and foot fungus with it.

• Tea Tree oil is made up of more than 100 all-natural substances that come from the Tea Trees in Australia.

• No one has been able to create artificial Tea Tree oil with the same antimicrobial, antiseptic and odor-controlling effectiveness of the all-natural original.

• Tea tree oil should never be swallowed. 100% pure Tea Tree oil is toxic when ingested by people, cats and dogs. Always keep Tea Tree oil or Tea Tree Power ® containers closed and out of the reach of children and pets.

• Half of all commercially produced Australian Tea Tree oil is exported to the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

• It takes about a ton of shredded Tea Tree branches and leaves to make 2 ½ gallons of pure Tea Tree oil.